3- this number represents the fundamentals of who we are, three siblings born and raised in the Laurentians, in Northern Quebec. We had ambitious dreams, beyond what our hometown could offer us, and together, as three, we decided  to give a voice for the children of tomorrow, and to create a better future for children of today. We ourselves, are parents, aunts and uncles, who have unconditional love for our children as we watch them grow, learn and communicate their individualism, and we can only wish the best for them, and it’s at this moment, that we decided to make a difference, and let our dreams manifested into a reality.

Our idea was that we needed clothing that fits your needs and comfort, that is durable and high quality, and that is gender neutral. Clothing that is made, designed and manufactured locally. Clothing that our own children would be proud to wear, from the type of fabric, colour and fit, knowing it was all made in Canada. Integrity and environmental consciousness are values that we upkeep across the YUNG brand. That’s why we opted for 100% organic cotton, certified by GOTS, and all our packaging is recyclable and compostable, because our children’s futures dependent on our planet’s wellbeing.

It’s important for us to share this passion, not only through our clothing, but also through our community. That’s why YUNG is in collaboration with the Dr. Julien Foundation, a foundation that helps create a brighter future for vulnerable and at-risk children. United together in this big adventure, we are three siblings, who are YUNG at heart, YUNG in spirit and fashionably YUNG.